My therapy method: CBT

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a positive, short-term and goal oriented psychotherapy that produces clear, measurable changes. It's based on the idea that our (conscious and unconscious) thoughts create our feelings and our feelings then create a certain behaviour. In order to change a behaviour, it may help to question your thoughts and especially the way you interpret situations. CBT can help you to identify unhelpful interpretations about others, the world and yourself through a process of evaluation, which will then help you to change any dysfunctional behaviour,

Will I simply learn to think positively about my problems?

The answer is No - instead, CBT helps you explore more flexible ways of thinking. Many thought processes take place outside of our awareness, but they become available on reflection. CBT focuses on the connection between thoughts and emotions and the connection between behaviour and emotions. If you are able to change the actions you take, you will be able to change the way you feel.

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